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Finding Efficient Solutions To Your Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, the emotional and financial challenges are probably unlike anything you have ever known. Your family and friends have no doubt rallied to your side, seeking to help as they can.

But you also need an attorney with the experience to handle any complexity that may arise and the strength to help you get through the divorce process with dignity. Cynthia P. Smith is such an attorney.

Give her a call at the Law Office of Cynthia P. Smith in Lafayette to arrange a confidential consultation, 765-588-3952. With more than 25 years of legal experience in Indiana, she is skilled in both mediation and litigation as ways of resolving divorce issues.

What Are Your Goals In The Divorce Process?

Divorces happen for all sorts of reasons to all sorts of people. How you approach yours depends greatly on the unique facts of your particular situation.

Attorney Smith is a veteran lawyer who will work with you to clarify your goals going into the divorce and create a plan for pursuing them. If you have children, this plan will certainly address custody, support and parenting time.

Whether you have children or not, you will need to address issues of:

  • Property division — Indiana law requires that marital property be divided equitably. It is important to protect your interests throughout this process, particularly when complex, high-asset divorce matters such as business valuation, farm divorce or retirement account divisions are involved.
  • Spousal support — Alimony is the older term, but spousal support and spousal maintenance are comparable terms.

Using Either Mediation Or Litigation Effectively

Sometimes divorce issues are best resolved through traditional litigation. In other cases, using mediation to find solutions can be very effective. Ms. Smith is equally adept with either approach. You can be confident that she will stand by your side and work hard to reach a positive outcome.

Take That First Step To Get The Help You Need

Going through divorce can be overwhelming. Don’t let the anxiety of the change in your family dynamics take over your life. Ms. Smith can help you identify and resolve the full spectrum of issues involving your divorce. Discuss your case with an experienced divorce attorney today; call 765-588-3952 or send an email.