Dividing Property Fairly In Your Divorce

You've come to a parting of ways, probably with considerable emotional trauma. But now it's time for you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse to divide your marital assets and debts fairly and move forward with your lives. The most efficient method is to work with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer.

At the Law Office of Cynthia P. Smith in Lafayette, we can guide you capably and confidently through this process. Attorney Cynthia P. Smith has the skill and experience in litigation and mediation to protect your interests and assets during divorce. Call us at 765-588-3952 to arrange a confidential consultation about your situation.

What Particular Property Division Issues Do You Face?

In legal terms, Indiana is an equitable distribution state. In practical terms, this means that judges do not necessarily have to divide your marital property 50-50 in the divorce process. The goal is to make it fair.

But every divorce is different. With over 25 years of experience in family law matters, attorney Smith can help you address issues that include:

If you and your spouse are getting divorced and have a prenuptial agreement, that agreement will be key in dividing your property. Cynthia P. Smith can help you determine whether the prenup is enforceable and, if so, what effect it will have.

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With a strong background in both litigation and mediation, the Law Office of Cynthia P. Smith is skilled at resolving these cases. We know how to efficiently and effectively sort the issues in pursuit of a positive outcome and a fair division of property. To arrange a confidential consultation at our firm, call 765-588-3952 or email us.