Get Greater Control Of Your Divorce Agreements Through Mediation

At the Law Office of Cynthia P. Smith, we offer divorce and family law mediation services to clients and referring attorneys.

Our founder, Cynthia P. Smith, has been a trained divorce and family law mediator since 2005, and a lawyer since 1989. She has handled hundreds of private mediations and has also been appointed by the court to conduct mediations. Her ability to conduct efficient and fair mediations is fueled by her many years of handling complex family law cases.

She is prepared to mediate divorces involving substantial assets and unique property such as businesses and farms. Her reputation for guiding divorcing couples to amicable resolutions has earned her the recognition of the Indiana legal community and many referrals from fellow lawyers.

The Benefits Of Private Family Law Mediation

In many cases, divorcing couples are ordered by the court to attempt mediation prior to going to trial, so working with a mediator becomes necessary. However, whether court-ordered or not, mediation comes with many benefits.

Not only does it have the potential to save money and time, it also can help to strengthen communication between divorcing couples, which is particularly important if there is a child involved and a parental relationship will have to continue for many years after the divorce is finalized.

We take pride in emphasizing benefits like these as we guide our clients through mediation. Our in-depth knowledge of family law means that we will not let any issue go overlooked, and when we reach sticking points we will consider creative solutions that may not be available in the courtroom. Outside-of-the-box options are another benefit of divorce mediation.

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